Mel Bernstein | October 27, 2023

Why Your Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

Any property in the charming residential neighborhoods of Lake Mary offers potential buyers a multitude of perks. Picturesque brick-lined streets entwine unique downtown shops, and vibrant communities provide residents with ample entertainment. The city's ideal location offers easy accessibility to popular Central Florida attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios, the beaches, and some of the Sunshine State's most reputable airports.

When you know how much your Lake Mary property offers, you may think buyers will be waiting in line to buy your home. While this could be true, it doesn't mean the sales process will be easy. When you partner with a Lake Mary Realtor who is also a master marketer, you gain a plethora of benefits that will ensure a successful property sale. Read on for all the reasons your Lake Mary Realtor should have mastered the art of marketing.

1. Accurate pricing with inside market knowledge

Setting the right price for your property is crucial to a successful marketing campaign. Many people underestimate the importance of getting this step right and fall victim to common misconceptions. For example, sellers often assume that high prices leave room for negotiation and low prices will attract more buyers. In reality, a high price could force you to reduce the price during the sales process, and unexpected bargains can leave buyers wondering what's wrong with the home.

A professional Realtor with extensive local experience continually studies local market trends to understand the worth of properties in their marketing area clearly. They will have the knowledge to price your home based on comparable properties in Lake Mary while considering the unique features that make it more valuable to buyers.

When your listing goes public with an accurate price, you're more likely to attract serious buyers who are already seeking a property with the attributes you have to offer. This can lead to a faster sales process that satisfies both parties and lets you get the most from your property sale.

2. Local connections

A Realtor with keen marketing skills interacts with a network of professionals who participate in different facets of the home-selling process. They can help you connect with individuals who assist with preparations and expose you to a broader audience of potential buyers.

Even the most lavish luxury homes require preparation for a sale. A professional Realtor with extensive marketing knowledge can connect you with experts in multiple fields, including house appraisers and title companies, contractors and landscapers, and professional stagers and photographers.

Even if you don't plan to invest in renovations before your home sale, you must prepare your property for listing. Home staging is a process that can help you achieve an ROI of 5% to 15% over the asking price by helping prospective buyers visualize the property as their home. Similarly, professional photography could help you sell 32% faster. A real estate agent with a strong marketing focus can connect you with experienced industry professionals with a favorable local reputation, helping you save time and money.

3. Develop a professional marketing plan

Modern home buyers have high expectations when conducting a home search. According to research, 96% of buyers use the Internet to search for homes. While 85% rate photos of the house as the most useful feature, home seekers also look for floor plans, detailed property information, virtual tours, neighborhood information, videos, and interactive maps. Failure to provide expected information can make buyers think you have something to hide.

A Realtor with solid marketing skills will be prepared to craft an expert marketing plan that reaches a wide audience. This will include digital platforms like your MLS listing, Realtor websites, and social media, as well as physical marketing like flyers, signs, and your open house. Your Realtor can craft a professional listing that tells your home's story and captures everything the property has to offer. They also expertly display professional photos, virtual tours, and videos with dazzling details. A full-scale marketing plan customized to your needs will give you the content you need to stand out in a competitive housing market.

4. Excellent negotiation skills

A real estate sale is one of the biggest monetary transactions most people will make in a lifetime. Both buyers and sellers seek a way to get the best deal possible. Unlike typical purchases, a property sale requires many steps for a seller and buyer to reach an acceptable agreement. A real estate agent who is a seasoned negotiator can help you understand what's best for you and help you avoid being pressured into underselling.

Your Realtor uses negotiation skills to assist you by:

  • Using market data to clarify specific price points
  • Sharing ways to add value that can entice the buyer to make a deal (like including furniture or flexible moving dates) 
  • Providing advice about how to navigate offers and unexpected situations
  • Helping you eliminate emotion from the negotiation process
  • Identifying your home's most valuable assets

5. A stress-free sales process

Even if you've sold properties in the past, a real estate sale is a complex process that requires sellers to be knowledgeable about an ever-changing market. A real estate agent who is an experienced marketing professional can guide you through the process and help you avoid stressful situations. Your Realtor can connect you with professionals to handle the inspection, appraisal, and paperwork involved with the sale. They streamline the marketing process by getting extensive exposure for your property and taking care of showings and appointments. While you'll always be in the loop, you won't have to handle these tedious tasks alone, ensuring a hassle-free and pleasant sales process.

Work with the Mel Bernstein Team

A qualified real estate agent is the key to getting the best deal possible in any real estate transaction. These skilled professionals deeply understand housing market trends and what makes a property valuable to prospective buyers. Finding a Realtor who is also a master marketer can make selling your property a simple and seamless experience.

If you plan to sell a property in Lake Mary, there's no better team to meet your needs than the Mel Bernstein Team. Mel and Tina Bernstein’s marketing skills and industry knowledge make them the No. 1 seller in lakefront luxury real estate in Seminole County, with nearly $300 million in local real estate sales. Dedicated to achieving their clients' goals, they give each home a brand of its own and maximize exposure with a library of resources for an unmatched marketing strategy. Get in touch to learn more about how the Mel Bernstein Team can help you elevate your marketing plan for a successful home sale.

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