Mel Bernstein | August 23, 2023

Why You Need Professional Photography to Sell Your Luxury Home in Lake Mary

So, you’ve decided to sell your luxury home. Early in the selling process, your real estate agent will discuss photos for the listing and give you several options for getting this important task completed. Professional photos and video are critical elements to maximizing value. An experienced agent will have a solid photographer or two at the ready. Mel and Tina Bernstein curate each photoshoot alongside the best photography team in Central Florida. Together, they create captivating experiences proven to attract buyers from across town and around the world resulting in record sales prices for our clients. View our property videos here and read on to discover the reasons you will want to consider hiring a professional photographer.

Why do you need photos of your home in the first place?

For decades, the listed homes for sale would appear in circulars and in the local paper. There would be brief descriptions of the property, telling of the basics: the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and other pertinent information. There would be an accompanying photo for most of these listings, of course. In nearly every case, it would be an exterior shot of the home that was captured from the street. In modern real estate, such a listing wouldn’t get a seller too far.

With so many buyers looking online for listings, the internet has become the main tool for getting a person connected with their next home. Online listings can offer so much more than the old print ones, and room for photos and videos is first among the many benefits. With a virtually unlimited amount of space to display media about the listed home, it’s no wonder that so many agents are pushing hard for their clients to have numerous interior and exterior photos taken. Nearly 85% of buyers who look for homes online are seeking photos that tell a story. How would your photos measure up?

A professional photographer will do so much more than just point and click. Scouring the listed homes for sale online will most likely lead you to be able to tell the difference between the owners who have taken the photos themselves and those who have enlisted the skills of someone trained in this art.

A professional photographer will have the experience needed to capture your home in the best light possible

When you hire a professional photographer, you’ll be paying for years of experience. The folks who make their living taking real estate photos will have the best equipment for the job, as well as the necessary skills for how to best use it.

A skilled photographer will know the best angles for every room of your home, taking perfect shots. They also know how to harness the natural light that comes into your space, facilitating the images that their cameras produce.

A professional will likely have spent a great deal of money on all of the equipment needed to capture the photos that will help you sell your home. When you hire one, you’ll see that they bring in a lot more than just a single camera. While you might save some money taking photos of your Lake Mary real estate on your own, you likely won’t have the equipment or experience to make your home look its best in online photos.

Hiring a professional will save you time

Could you learn how to take better real estate photos? Of course. There are numerous online tutorials to view, as well as countless blogs to read on how to sharpen your skills. And though you’ll emerge afterward with a better sense of how to take photos like a professional, the finished product will still likely lack a bit of the quality a photographer would have given it. Just as important, hiring a professional will save you so much time.

Even if you don’t take the time to learn how to take better photos, consider what goes into taking quality real estate photos. A photographer will take multiple photos from multiple angles in every room in your home. Additionally, they will use their cameras to take many photos of the exterior. The shots they take alone will take a good amount of time. But their work is just beginning.

A professional photographer will spend just as much time, if not more, carefully selecting the best photos they have taken. From there, the photos must be edited, formatted, and sent to your agent.

The most modern professional photographers will also use drones to take aerial photos. Again, this is something you could do on your own. But the time and expense in doing so is certainly something to consider.

A professional photographer can make sure your home sells faster

The visuals your home’s photos will provide any prospective buyer will generate interest in your property. Recent data shows that a home with professional photos will sell substantially quicker than homes that do not have accompanying media.

In fact, your home will likely sell an average of 32% faster if you pay for professional photos. For this reason, the most experienced real estate agents will strongly urge sellers to forego taking these critical photos themselves and instead pursue the hiring of a local professional photographer.

Your next moves

When you are getting ready to list your home, your Lake Mary Realtor will review a checklist of everything that needs to be accomplished before the listing goes live. If you want your property to be one that moves quickly out of all the luxury homes for sale in Lake Mary, FL, heed your agent’s advice and hire a professional photographer. An experienced agent like Mel and Tina on the Mel Bernstein Team will recommend the best photographer in Central Florida with skills in real estate photography that will greatly benefit you in selling your home. Ask your Realtor for referrals, and be sure to view online examples of their work before deciding who to work with.

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