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7 Neighborhood Amenities that Increase Home Value

Central Florida, known for its vibrant communities and lush landscapes, offers diverse living experiences for various lifestyles. Within this region, the cities of Lake Mary, Longwood, Maitland, Winter Park, and Western Sanford are prime examples of what makes living in Florida so appealing.

Lake Mary is often recognized for its high quality of life and economic stability. The suburban environment has top-rated schools, extensive recreational facilities, and a thriving business community. With its rich history and scenic parks, Longwood offers residents a taste of Old Florida charm alongside contemporary comforts. Maitland is a cultural hub with many historical sites and a vibrant arts scene with festivals and local art exhibitions.

Winter Park is distinguished by its elegant tree-lined avenues and an active social calendar featuring markets, parades, and art shows. Its upscale dining and boutique shopping options enhance the city's refined atmosphere. Lastly, Western Sanford's historic waterfront and expanding residential areas provide a mix of rural allure and modern conveniences, making it a rising star in Central Florida's real estate market. Together, these communities offer a snapshot of the best that Central Florida has to offer, with each city presenting unique attractions and qualities.

Amenities that increase home value

Did you know that four in ten households (42%) would prefer a community where "houses are smaller and closer to each other, but schools, stores, and restaurants are within walking distance"? This growing trend underscores the significance of neighborhood amenities in influencing property values. Homebuyers increasingly prioritize convenience and quality of life in their buying decisions.

Fast facts

  • Homes near desirable parks or recreational spaces typically increase property values by 8-20%.
  • Walking to schools, parks, stores, and restaurants can enhance your home's value by approximately $4,000 to $34,000, according to findings from a 2009 CEOs for Cities study.
  • The presence of a new sports stadium can elevate property values within a 2.5-mile radius by an average amount of $2,214.
  • Streets lined with mature trees can boost home values by up to 3%.
  • Approximately 35% of children aged 0-17 have access to essential amenities such as parks, community centers, libraries, and safe walking paths.

Hiking trails

Hiking trails near residential areas are significant property value enhancers, offering a compelling blend of wellness benefits and natural beauty. These trails align with the growing trend towards health-conscious living. The availability of hiking paths encourages an active lifestyle, making properties in these areas particularly appealing to prospective buyers looking to balance urban living and access to nature. This connection with the outdoors is often viewed as one of the upscale home elements, substantially lifting the real estate value of nearby homes.

Historic homes

Historic homes have unique charm and cultural significance that serve as upscale features. Owning a property in a historic district can be a prestigious affair, often marked by unique architectural details and a storied past that cannot be replicated in newer constructions. These properties typically attract a niche market that values heritage and history. As investment-boosting amenities, historic homes often come with the promise of appreciation, especially if located in well-preserved communities that honor their historical roots.

Dog parks

Dog parks are increasingly considered desirable home extras in residential areas, particularly for pet owners. These spaces enhance community engagement by providing a social venue for residents and their pets. Dog parks are considered high-demand home attributes that cater to the needs of a growing demographic of pet owners, who often view such amenities as crucial when selecting a home. The inclusion of a dog park nearby can significantly impact property values.

Proximity to retail and essentials

Homes near retail centers and essential services like grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants have a premium due to the enhanced daily convenience. Such proximity is often highlighted as one of the high-return home additions, offering significant ROI-driven property upgrades for homeowners and investors. This feature ranks high on the real estate attractiveness factors list, particularly for buyers looking for a blend of suburban comfort and urban accessibility.

Resort-style amenities

Resort-style amenities within a residential development are luxury inclusions that elevate the living experience to a level akin to a permanent vacation. These amenities, including spas, fitness centers, and pools, are considerable appreciation-driving amenities that offer an exclusive lifestyle choice. They are often advertised as key property differentiators, significantly enhancing a property's appeal and marketability. Such luxury inclusions are critical in distinguishing a property in competitive real estate markets, directly impacting its desirability and value.

Community activities

Community activities play a pivotal role in enhancing neighborhood cohesion and adding a boost to real estate value. Regularly scheduled events such as farmer's markets, holiday celebrations, and arts festivals enrich the living experience and create a sense of belonging among residents. These gatherings contribute to the overall attractiveness and vibrancy of the area. As key home selling points, active community involvement and a robust calendar of events can significantly influence buyer decisions, reflecting positively on property values.

Highly-rated schools

Highly rated schools impact the desirability and value of nearby homes. Such schools enrich local communities and stabilize property values. For many buyers, the quality of education available is a top priority, and properties in the areas of esteemed schools command higher prices. Highly rated schools are often associated with stronger community engagement and lower turnover rates, making these areas more attractive for long-term investments. Investing in a home near reputable schools translates to an investment in a child's future.

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